2.0 Studios

2.0 Studios

Indie Games made in Melbourne, Australia
From first person procedural world builders to zombie slaying shoot em’ ups, we build a diverse range of games.
Consoles, PC and Mobile are what we build for. Windows Phone, Xbox and Windows are our favourites, and places where you will find our work.
Authoritive loot drops, and shared environment destruction are a few of the many things we know about crafting a multiplayer game that is more than just some shared vectors.
How the choices you make impact the world around you, and complex emergent interactions are what drives the core game design of our titles.


Founded in 2009, 2.0 Studios is located in Melbourne, Australia and develops a diverse range of titles for console, mobile and desktop gamers.

From simple beginnings releasing original games via Xbox 360, we have expanded our portfolio with a range of successful titles that focus construction and deep gameplay. You’ll find our titles on the Windows Store, with our most recent titles sharing a “Block Game” theme and art style. For news, and updates regarding our latest Block Game based titles, please visit our development Blog.

Current Games

Multiplayer worlds of blocks, filled with Bloxel people all powered by procedural generation for Steam and the Windows Store.
BlockWorld 2019
BlockWorld is for Windows Store and Steam
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Survival Games
Survival Games is on Steam Continue reading"Survival Games"
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Classic Block Games

Multiplayer worlds of blocks, filled with Bloxel people all powered by procedural generation for Xbox 360, Windows 8 and Windows Phone
Survival Games Season Z
Fight for your life with your friends in the procedurally generated City 26. The Zombie apocalypse has come, and you must find food, weapons and...
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Survival Games Season 1
A procedurally generated arena pits you against your friends in your fight for survival. Wolves, starvation and the untrustworthy alliances with other players all conspire...
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Avatar Miner Paintball is a multiplayer competitive, round based arena FPS, inspired the great multiplayer shooters of all time. Using paintball guns, play through maps...
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A first person survival game, with a strong emphasis on crafting and construction. This begins at a fully editable world allowing to you build castle’s,...
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A first person sandbox, with over a thousand blocks and items, creatures, multiplayer and more. Basically, a great place to just build stuff. Continue reading"BlockWorld"
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