Avatar Miner Paintball is a multiplayer competitive, round based arena FPS, inspired the great multiplayer shooters of all time. Using paintball guns, play through maps inspired by Halo, COD, Unreal tournament, counterstrike and more!

Platform: Xbox 360
Genre: First Person Shooter / Sandbox


  • 15+ Maps
  • Free for all
  • Team Slayer
  • Map editor
  • Custom Map sharing
  • 16 Player Multiplayer
  • Xbox Avatars
  • Intelligent Map Nodes

A.M.P offers you the ultimate Block-Shooter with over 15 maps, including tributes to greatest FPS titles of all time! Rockets, Mines, Shotguns and more await in the classic Battle game types, but also in the most powerful Map editor ever created. Construct with the most blocks ever seen in any Block Game, and share with your friends.