Physics Lab

Physics Lab is a 2D Physics Building game where you can build scenes or contraptions. Setup a hundred dominos, build a player controlled car or just a cannon to take out a simple junk wall in slow motion. Play with different worlds, control physics and enjoy advanced tools such as copy paste, group select and group rotate. It is a powerful physics sandbox application.

Platform: Xbox 360
Genre: App / Toy


  • One Click Creation for all objects, from dragging out a box to placing a pin joint
  • Object cap of 200, allowing complex scenes and contraptions
  • Box Selection, Individual Selection/deselection and combinations thereof
  • Undo Create and Delete
  • Simulation speed and Simulation Gravity
  • Pins, Pair Pins, Springs and motors to connect and energise your creations
  • Attachable particle affects, make your car’s back wheels smoke or that tree shed leaves!
  • Custom controls for motors. Do you want that arm to move with the right trigger, or should that wheel spin with the thumbstick?
  • 12 Tutorial Videos, to get you started and show you the tricks
  • Object Emitters, allow creation of weapons or just power sources for your steam engines
  • 3 Different worlds. Build a tank on the grassy plains, or a Battle ship in space, or perhaps play in the void….
  • Save your creations. 10 Save slots, with preview images.
  • Codebox. Bought another 2.0 Game? Care to unlock something special?
  • Custom Textures and color. Because Chequered flags go great at the end of your red car’s race track.
  • Physics based menu’s. Because we could and it looks cool.
  • Interact with a running scene, because throwing junk at your custom built wood flinger is fun.