Project Delta

Project Delta is a space adventure game that includes trading, buying and selling ship weapons and components, space combat, exploration, asteroid harvesting and more. Start space battles between the other ships in this busy solar system, raid ships and pirate their funds and discover profitable trading routes.

Platform: Xbox 360
Genre: Elite (Space trading and combat simulator)


Project Delta is the second game in our Space Trader series.

  •  Lasers, Machine Guns, Rail Guns, Heat Seeking missiles mines and other weapons to use
  •  Turbo thrusters, Distortion filters, e-Sensors for Zoom as well as loads of other ship upgrades
  •  Shuttles, Fighters, Frigates and other unique ships to command
  •  Fully destructable and harvestable asteroid field
  •  Explore the strange and unique planets and moons of the Terran System
  •  Pirate and destroy crippled enemy ships for quick cash
  •  The codebox will unlock content in Zombies 2.0 and also in Physics Lab.
  •  10 Awards to unlock (Because XBLIG don’t get achievements)
  •  Advanced shaders
  •  E-Sensors and Thrusters to expand what you can do…
  •  Moveable HUD, for people with different TV’s. Keep everything right at the edges, allowing you more space to play. Just like the modern warfare series.
  •  Intelligent AI visits other worlds, can attack each other, flee and lay down the pain on a reckless player
  • And more!