Survival Games Season Z

Fight for your life with your friends in the procedurally generated City 26. The Zombie apocalypse has come, and you must find food, weapons and refuge for as long as your can! Craft and cook what you find, to really go the distance.

Platform: Xbox 360
Genre: First Person Survival


  • 4 player co-operative play onine
  • Semi-procedurally generated map
  • Day night cycles
  • Player customization
  • Zombies that get harder, and more numerous every day
  • Crafting
  • Cooking
  • Hats and accessories
  • Perks


The ultimate multiplayer survival adventure set in an ever-changing city full of guns, secrets and loot during a zombie apocalypse. Survive each day in 4 player multiplayer in LAN or ONLINE as you fight against the undead! Never play the same game twice with our unique world that dynamically changes with every new match you play!

Survival Games Season Z is the second title in the Survival Games series. This time, players work together to help each other survive. The Point of Interest system changes the buildings in the city every time you play, revealing new secrets and resources without ever getting stale or repetitive. Cancerous zombie flesh grows upon the walls, lanching sickly tumors that slow you down whilst the hungry horde of zombies closes in for your brains. How long can you and your friends survive?