Survival Games

A procedurally generated arena pits you against your friends in your fight for survival. Wolves, starvation and the untrustworthy alliances with other players all conspire to destroy you every day and night in Survival Games: Season 1.

Platform: Windows Store \ Steam \ Xbox One
Genre: Battle Royale


  • Semi-Procedurally generated map
  • 50 player multiplayer
  • Day night cycles
  • Player customization
  • Guns
  • Hats, and accessories
  • Perks

Survival Games is a multiplayer survival adventure set in an ever-changing world full of secrets, traps, wildlife and treasure inside a giant dome. Pit yourself against up to other players as you fight for your survival in order to be the last person standing! Never play the same game twice with our unique game world that dynamically changes with every new match you play!

The map use a Point of Interest system, to randomly assign different locations every time you play. These are hand crafted by our talented game designers, with hiding places, secrets and the occasional jumping puzzle to ensure maximum fun. You will also find some hints of story in Survival Games, hidden around the game.


Survival Games Seasons 1 and Z were highly successful on Xbox 360. We have combined these two titles, with A.M.P and two years of dev time to bring a new and improved title to new generation platforms such as Steam and the Windows Store.