Zombies 2.0

Zombies is a hectic survival dual stick shooter, with an isographic camera view of the Zombie hoarde. You play as a robot known only as S.T.E.V.E (Science Team Emergency Violence Enforcer). You are tasked with defending a small base containing a few scientists, thus mowing through hoardes of the in your valiant efforts to survive all the rounds.

Platform: Xbox 360
Genre: Shoot ’em up

The base you must defend may be equiped with spotlights, gauss turrets, spiked concrete walls and more as you profit from the massacre to the tune of 16 total upgrades. A pistol will soon become obsolete as shotguns, rifles, rocket launchers and more become availible for purchase.

In addition to the undead, the blinding darkness around you is also an enemy that must be conqured not just with your spotlight, but with flares, flaming barrels and various lights upgrades for your base. After conquoring the round based mode, go for a high score in survival mode and post a high score to the online high scores list. As you fight, aim for the 10 awards to really complete the Zombies 2.0 Experience.


  • 16 base upgrades
  • 15 Weapons
  • Destructable and flamable scenery
  • Realtime 2D lighting
  • 3 Game modes
  • Online high scores
  • 10 Awards to Achieve
  • Mines, flares, Rockets and Grenades for spectacular kills
  •  Survival mode now lets you roam where you please, without the confines of the base, and original world. Enemies spawn from all directions, and there is no need for credits here, weapons and health are now pickups!
  • The Mega Laser and the Flamethrower are now available in Survival mode, for ridiculously dispatching the tides of the dead
  • You earn more money from round to round, to help out with those repairs
  • All guns are now ramped up to be more damaging
  • CodeBox, you can now unlock a new base. Or use a code to unlock some content in Physics Lab….